Monday, November 24, 2008

It's roughly 72 hours until gluttony fest 2008 and my first time to host Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Hallelujah! It's ALL gonna be vegan! No soggy green beans and questionable rolls for me this year!! 

Being the Suzy homemaker I am, I decided that it would be wise to get a bit of a head start on the prep work, so this morning I spent 2 hours making and canning my veggie broth. A TON of veggie broth. The stuff goes in everything and there is no way that I will be waking up with the dawn to boil it up Thursday morning. No way, no how. 

I also cleaned the house, perhaps in vain with the dogs tracking all the lovely fall foliage in from the backyard. We'll see though. 

And for the piece d'resistance, I have 2 words for you:

Oh yes, ma'am! I made up some cashew and hazelnut cream and folded it into some melted Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips, let it set up for about 30 minutes in the fridge and got to rollin'!!! It was messy, but deliciously so. 

Here's a shot of what I rolled the chocolatey goodness in; 

chopped cashews
dark cocoa powder

And the finished beauties:

Don't they look lovely? I tend to shy away from candy making, since I have ADD and standing in front of a pot staring at a candy thermometer waiting for the sugary goop to come to a 'soft crack' sounds like some new torture technique. But these suckers were SO freakin' easy, I had to make 'em. Now to figure out how to keep the hubby from devouring them all tonight....

That's all for today. Tomorrow: Adventures in bread making!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

the ubiquitous welcome post

The welcome post.  We've all been there. They are awkward, embarrassing to look back on (especially if they are along the lines of "Hi!!!!!! I'm ______, and I just learned what a blog was so I'm making 5.), but they an inevitable part of every blogger's life.  

This is my bumbling entrance.

I don't need to tell you "this is my blog", because if you are reading this, I'm sure you've already gathered that; 1. this is a blog, and 2: it belongs to someone (maybe a hot chick!!).  No, I won't do that because, quite frankly, that would undermine your intelligence, and, well, I like you too much to do that. 

I will, however, tell you that this blog is dedicated to being vegan, cooking vegan, and probably a bunch of other random things that I haven't even thought of yet.

So cozy up, pour a nice cup of tea, and enjoy the vegan fiesta!